Optimize the performance of your distributed team with recognition and inclusion

Reinventing Team Engagement & Inclusion

Stop ignoring

your people

behind your screen

Stop struggling to keep track of your distributed team and start by building trust

Core Features

Manage your team with inclusive values to create trust

Enhance the positive experience on your team from day one by sharing facts, rituals, and values that will save time during the onboarding process.

Value and recognize the sum of the positive impact of every member of your team by identifying positive behaviors and celebrating them. You’ll increase engagement and productivity for everyone on your team, not just the top performers.

Trigger and structure ongoing conversations in a digital management log

Virtual team communications or 1-0-1 discussions get lost most of the time among emails. The data you get is scattered in multiple threads. All these critical messages related to individual and collective performance are part of what constitutes a management log that is easily accessible.

You can recognize or celebrate in a virtual room dedicated to your team or your team member, know how to build on the last conversation, so you don’t have to worry about where to start as you develop your team member.

Provide a dashboard to simplify your people decisions

Review the positive impact and the contribution of your team member in the overall performance of your team and identify what value they bring into the collective effort.

Compare your team member’s positive impact and career advancement with the rest of the company by category: gender, age, team and understand how you can support them even better in their performance. You’ll save time while making the most of your emotional intelligence as you analyze all the data that goes into assessing performance and engagement levels.

Gain better knowledge of the motivations, aspirations, and strengths of your team members

Learn more about your team members motivations, values, professional goals or key engagement drivers from day one.

Go a step further with a 360-degree overview of individual strengths, skills, and soft skills observable and recognized by peers, managers, internal or external customers. You’ll be able to start professional development conversations with complete confidence.

This simplifies difficult conversations to get to know your team members better at the last minute. For example when he/she decides to quit the company or when he/she asks for a promotion while you had lost track of their performance when you were so busy the last month.

Team Engagement & Inclusion software

Reduce management risk – Equip managers with an inspiring tool.

Help team leaders for virtual team building. But also to make fair people decisions based on individual strengths.

Integrate with the services you already use

Integrate with your corporate email messaging or the tools or services your team already use every day. Your people recognition process and daily management log fit into your business processes. Motivate and empower your team with a strong and inspiring culture.

Diversity & Inclusion features

Increase the chances and number of promotions for everyone based on individual impact and contribution to organization performance. Do this by gaining insights about skills and soft skills and the feeling of belonging. Reinforce values and positive behaviors at the team level first with a transparent recognition process. Learn more about cognitive biases in the workplace through a quick and scalable quiz that creates awareness.

What People Are Saying

“The software is really great to keep up with the team to know what’s going on, it’s a way to find out about them and how to encourage them. It would cut off on lots of issues and would make the process more efficient.”

“I’m positive that this platform is going to make such a big difference in terms of helping managers to have better days and be able to connect with their reports better.”

“It’s more than a communication tool because it encourages endorsement, you can check the list of biases and how they affect the communication aspect – I like the color, lay out and info are easy to find – It’s pretty unique and I like it! There is a positive aspect that I really like as well”